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Flown the coop!

As sad as it is for all of us, one day our baby parrots go home with their new owners.  Well keep in touch!  Send us your parrot pictures, comments and sound clips to info@xoticbirds.co.uk and we'll put them up on the site for everyone to enjoy!  Remember to scroll to the bottom to see the new pictures!



We hope you enjoy these pictures of Poppy as much as we have!




 This is Katrina with her new friend Twinkle!


This is Chilli showing us how well he can take off, fly and land now he is one!

This is Bitz with his human Carly! 












Here's Karen with her beautiful Pastel and Sparkle!













Sybil seems very pleased with her new cage and stand!



Here's Jessica and Olivia getting to know their new Umbrella Cockatoo baby!

  Sarah Crispin has sent us these lovely pictures of her orange wing Amazon George with this message...

...We bought George the orange winged amazon from you about 3 years ago and we love him to bits! He is really happy and spends most of the day playing or eating haha










And here's Chris getting to know another Chilli!

Here's Tipsy having her daily shower, she is the adored Citron of Louise and Mark