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Babies currently available

Our babies are all bred at home and hand raised by us.  They are extremely tame and well socialised.  All our babies are closed rung or microchipped and come with a hatch certificate, diet and care brochure and written health guarantee. A complete after sales service is standard with all our babies.  We can also supply suitable cages.  Picture and video footage available on request.





 Babies available this year will include most species of Macaws, Amazons, African greys and Cockatoos email shirley@xoticbirds.co.uk or call 01604 740163 for more information.



All our babies are fully weaned when sold, we do not sell eggs.

If we don't have the baby parrot you are looking for you can always send us an email to shirley@xoticbirds.co.uk  letting us know what baby parrot your looking for.


 If you are interested in any bird/s on this page please email shirley@xoticbirds.co.uk or call 01604 740163


All of our birds have a written health guarantee.  This means that there are no symptoms of disease or parasites at the time of sale, and that our birds are completely healthy.  Our birds are free of viral infections, pathogenic bacterial infections, fungal infections and congenital defects.  We do not put an artifical time limit on our guarantee.  If one of our birds becomes ill or expires after the sale, and the illness or congenital defect was present in the bird prior to it's being sold, we will replace the bird or refund the money paid for the bird.  We do not consider a slight growth of gram negative bacteria to be disease but recognize that this is a stress related reaction to being moved.

We never take our birds, babies or adults, to public bird sales or shows and therefore our babies are never exposed to birds from other establishments.

We take the health of our birds very seriously, and do everything possible to provide proper nutrition and veterinary supervision to ensure that you will received the healthiest bird possible from us.